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“Maracujá delivered the languorous and nostalgic sounds of bossa nova and energetic samba to our annual outdoor concert and transported our audience to 1950s Brazil. They were a pleasure to work with and crowd favorite, and had everyone swaying to their rhythms.”

— Stephen Jeong, Vashon Allied Arts

“Maracujá is a one of a kind trio which brings joy, spirit, and  soulful music to any venue.  They have it all!  Unique Latin rhythms, musical excellence, and easy rapport with the audience. And the real bonus is that they are such nice and genuine, humble people.  Just sharing a space with them is a heart warming experience.   We can’t wait for their next concert!”

— Jacquie and Sarah, Stonehenge Studios

“The Blend of four accomplished musicians that is Maracujá makes music that is beautiful, tropical, and easy as an ocean breeze.  It will transport you to another place and time.  A lovely thing for us living here in Wyoming!”

— Courtney Caplan, Story Women’s Club

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Stage Plot / Input List Document Downloads:

Quartet:  Maracuja-quartet-stage-plot

Trio:  Maracuja-trio-stage-plot